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Hey guys,

Wow - what a week it's been. A week ago, my beloved city of Nashville was half under water from 18 inches of rain in two days and reeling from the death and destruction - and the threat of both water treatment plants shutting down. 32 people have died and some are still missing. I saw whole neighborhoods completely inundated by the rushing flood waters. There was no warning. Some older folks were found drowned in their living rooms or in their cars. Families were literally ripped apart by the currents. The Grand Ole Opry stage was engulfed by the Cumberland River. Thousands of musical instruments - some irreplaceable vintage pieces - lost forever. One of my favorite places to play - dark and divey Norm's River Roadhouse - had about 15 feet of water in it. All the music equipment was ruined and our friend Norm is salvaging whatever he can and starting over.

We had relatively no damage at our house. We were some of the lucky ones.

In a world SEEMINGLY full of cynicism - amazingly [...]
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New Website Design

Posted on March 13, 2010
Hey y'all,

Decided to change up the website design again. Change is good, yes? My main interest is writing songs and playing gigs, but I have to also be an entrepreneur too and actually *gasp* market myself! Yikes. It's all good though and it's all an adventure, so let's get on with it. This new design has a blog which I hope to add to as the mood strikes me and I have something to say. Comments from the peanut section are highly encouraged unless you kids get unruly and then I'm going turn this bus around and you just wait till your father gets home....



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