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So....I'm flipping around on the TV and come across an interview with Anne Lamott on PBS. I don't know much about her except that she's a famous writer and has dreadlocks. She mentions something about her "conversion", so I google that and it was a fascinating story - she converted to Christianity a week after she had an abortion and saw Jesus sitting in her room one night.
Ok, that's cool.
After the interview ends, I click over to a window on my laptop on the site and randomly select an article to read because I'm procrastinating about doing my work. I start reading this great spiritual piece on "becoming yourself" which reminded me of a conversation I had earlier with a friend about Step 4 in the AA process and taking stock of your life. So, I get to the end of the article which really struck me and I look up at the top to see who the contributing writer know it's's Anne Lamott.
And that wasn't even the first coincidence I had been [...]
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Setting Sail to the North Country

Posted on June 10, 2013
In a few days, I'll head up to NJ - the land where my sister lives, where the bagels are epic (I promise not to use that word much longer) and the roads are crap. I will cross the Bagel/Biscuit Line on Friday (AKA Mason Dixon Line) and peddle my wares and my art to anyone willing to listen. I love performing. I didn't always though. I used to be so terrified to get up on stage, my knees literally knocked together. There were a few things that changed all that - thank God. One was working with the uber-talented performance coach Beth Anne Musiker here in Nashville. She helped me to think of my songs as just stories to be told to the audience. Stop worrying about how I sounded to them and just focus on the message. Somehow, that clicked for me. Second was playing at Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas in 2009 and participating in the New Folk competition. I was terrified beyond measure, but I was SO accepted and welcomed into the folk community (I had never even been to TX before) that I relaxed [...]
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There will be songs.

Posted on May 31, 2013

Here....I'm saying it out loud....well, on my website....I'm in the process of recording new songs for a new CD. It's been 3 years since "Home" came out and I started down this strange and fantastic path.  A lot of crazy stuff has happened in my life, many shows have been played and I've met some incredible people along the way. So, there are new songs to sing and new songs to put down on "tape". I hope you like them.  
They will be songs of love, heartbreak, hope, grief and longing. The working title right now is, "In the Land of the Living"...which is the name of the song I wrote while my mother was ill last year and I was moving out of my 15 year marriage. I plan to record them as simply and straightforwardly as possible with as little production as necessary to give these songs a frame to rest and shine in. 
My life has become simpler, starker...less is truly more for me these days...I'm shedding possessions and beliefs and my songwriting is becoming more minimalistic [...]
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Baker Hotel

Posted on April 11, 2012
Hey - to all y'all interested in the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX of which I wrote a's a great little blog entry and some photos:


Posted on September 26, 2011
FARM - stands for Folk Alliance Regional Midwest - held in Bolingbrook, IL this past weekend, it was 3 days of hob-nobbing, pickin' and singing with 200 other folk artists from around the country. The earliest I made it to bed every night was 2am. I know I saw 3 am on the last night of the conference. Exhausting, but so fun! Got to hang out and listen to my talented pals and songwriters: RJ Cowdery, The Twangtown Paramours, Jamie Michaels, Bill & Kate Isles, Jan Seides, Sally Spring, Adler & Hearne, Sarah McQuaid, Jayne Toohey, Sigrid Christiansen, Kira Small, the YaYa's, Ben Hassenger, Joe Jencks, Andy Cohen, John Batdorf, Derek Daniel and that's just a smattering. 
One of the highlights was a songwriting workshop with the legendary folk songwriter, Michael Smith. He's got me fired up to write some new songs!
I love my Folk Alliance friends. They are my tribe and extended family! <Group hug>

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