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Here's what I wrote back:

For me, the key to writing is multi part:
1. Be open to the inspiration and aware. This is going to sound kooky...though that may actually help my reputation...ask OUT LOUD for a song God or Allah or whomever Universal Muse you want.
2. Go for walks alone. Be present. Let your mind wander. Go about your day. Turn off noise (radio, phone). Listen.
3. Write down anything that feels inspired - a phrase - something from last night's dream - a line in a movie or TV show. Start a list of ideas on a notebook or memo on your phone.
4. Set up solo writing appointments with yourself. Now, open up your list of ideas and MAKE YOURSELF WRITE SOMETHING. Go through the list and pick one that resonates. Creative cycles go in 90 minute stints optimally, so write write write for 90 minutes and see if there's a song in that idea. No interruptions. No phone. No coffee dates. You'll know if you're onto something and if so, you won't want to stop anyway. [...]
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Mind Blown

Posted on July 10, 2018
One of the best things that has ever happened to me in my whole damn life is coming across the writings of Eckhart Tolle. He had an epiphany about the "nature of the mind and consciousness" and he has written books trying to explain what he discovered. In a moment of abject despair (contemplating suicide), he experienced a collapse of the "ego" - the mind. As this was happening, he realized that he was observing it. You can only observe something if you are at least somewhat separated from it. He kept repeating to himself, "I can't stand myself".....but then asked...."Who is I?" and "Who is Myself"? Are there two entities here? And if so, which one is real? He posits that the "I" is the silent presence behind the thinking mind (Myself). Your "self" is a mental construct that you've created through your life experiences - the ego.
So, I recently had a discussion with my little sister about this stuff regarding feeling "unhappy" and here's how I tried to explain it to her.....
It is Eckhart [...]
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And the convo kept going a bit...

Posted on August 27, 2016
So, lil sis wrote back that she had just returned from a big trip and was having a lot of trouble getting inspired to get back into her work of tile making and pottery - feeling uninspired and disconnected. She referenced my album "Home" as being about "the little things" - which was true. I like the quote from Annie Dillard, "How you spend your days is how you spend your life". That quote has inspired and haunted me as I sometimes watch my days go by with little to show in the way of good work or even remembering what I ate! Too much mindless errand-running, facebooking, TV news, chores, etc. Its so easy to get overwhelmed these days that I find myself needing to space out a bit just to relax. Perhaps there are better ways than Pintrest and Instagram, but I haven't found it yet. :) (kidding).
Anyway, here's what I wrote back to her...again, just sharing some thoughts. I'm just another slob on the bus - with no real answers - just questions and musings...if you have anything to add, feel [...]
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She was worried that she is turning 40 and hasn't "accomplished" much. I think in this world of FOMO (fear of missing out) encouraged on Facebook plus just the plain old fear of death, it's easy to go down this road of "what have I done of note?". Coincidentally, I had been dealing with some existential problems myself this week, but I had a, I'm just going to share what I wrote to her verbatim. Please forgive my swearing (although studies show swearing is a sign of intelligence :))....I don't usually share like this, but here goes...if it helps you with your own existential questions, then I'm glad. 
I've been having this conversation with myself this week too....funny how
that happens. Cliff is gone to camp in NH, so I thought I would get all
this work done and instead I've been battling the blues all week!

I finally had a breakthrough yesterday (after sequestering myself so as
not to spread my bad mood) and today I realized that our whole lives are
just [...]
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So I went out to dinner tonight by myself...determined to leave my cell phone alone. It was a hipster place  -probably a bad choice, but I wanted to try something new.  Because I had no reservation, they asked me to sit at the bar, which was fine by me. I had two seats to choose from…one next to two couples talking and one next to one couple more my age. I chose the latter. I soon discovered this was a mistake. To my left, there was an older couple around 70 talking to a younger couple around 40. They asked them about art and classical music...the younger couple admitted they knew nothing of either. I scoured my brain for bits of information about Mozart and Beethoven and Bach – all of whom my mother loved – and the brief “music appreciation” course I took in college as a liberal arts requirement. I came up short. I noticed the box of Fruit Loops next to the Talisker Whiskey behind the bar and I couldn’t help feeling sad - like something has [...]
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